Autism: People & Resources We Trust

Dr. Anthony Richtsmeier, MD (Developmental – Behavioral Pediatrics) ~ Dr. Richtsmeier and Dr. Pastyrnak with the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital team are the best if you are wondering if your child might be on the Autism Spectrum. If this is the case for you, we’d recommend that you request a referral from your child’s primary care doctor for an autism screening appointment.

Temple Grandin ~ Here is her Ted Talk. Likely the world’s most recognizable autistic person. She is brilliant, encouraging, and flat out says it like it is… love this lady!

Autism  ~ Autism Speaks is the globally leading advocacy & research organization for Autism. Our family has used their contact-center on the website often for questions we have and receive an email response each time within 24-hours that is polite, full of helpful information. We have found it to be a lifeline in navigating through our unknowns. They have a Facebook page that is excellent as well.

CLC Network ~ This is an organization that works closely with churches and schools to provide resources and services (many free & helpful on their website) to help people of all abilities be accepted and included!

Behavior Analysts of West Michigan ~ This is the group of therapists within the West Michigan area that our family uses for “ABA Therapy” (Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy). They are GREAT! NOTE: If you have recently been diagnosed with autism, this is the type of therapy you will want to research and check into first (most research behind its effectiveness).

Dr. Marge Penning ~ If you are looking for Speech & Language Services in West Michigan area, Dr. Penning is outstanding! She has a major impact on our son’s growth.