“Beautifully Puzzled” is what I have named this blog. The symbol of support for those who struggle with autism is a blue puzzle piece. I have decided the wonder found daily in our son Nolan’s journey inspires us and many others. It is my hope in this blog to provide an encouragement to those who may be struggling with any diagnosis and to help build awareness and celebration in what I’d like to call “diversability” rather than “disability”. Life is too short to blend in, so stand out!

Over the years as a teacher, principal, and parent I have met several people who have struggled with all sorts of diagnoses either for themselves or a closed loved one. It is my hope that in sharing a blog about our family’s beautifully puzzling journey with an autism diagnosis that it may encourage, motivate, bless, and perhaps simply build awareness that there can be beauty amidst challenge. Please enjoy and share freely with someone who may benefit from a post!